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located South of Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Reminder: NOW !! Help to get Question #2 passed on the Nov. 4th Ballot. See link to http://www.yeson2ma.org and volunteer where you can. Question #2 Signs to hold at voting or other events, bumper stickers, other stickers, etc. are available at MA Audubon and other locations

Quarterly 2014 Fall Meeting
Monday, Oct. 20
 Jones River Landing (Environmental Heritage Center), 55 Landing Rd, Kingston, MA http://jonesriver.org/landing
Jones River Landing is the boatyard at the intersection of Landing Rd and Maple St in Kingston. On Route 3, take either Exit 10 or 9 to Route 3A and follow directions to Landing Road, which runs from 3A (Main St.) in Kingston to Park St. & 3A (Tremont St.) in Duxbury. Thanks to Gene Wyatt we have been invited to tour the wind turbines and a sustainable greenhouse in Kingston and then meet at Jones Landing with a potluck dinner.  Please RSVP to one@hullportside.net or 781-925-5665 if you can be there.  We will send you a phone number and map so you can find the tour and Jones Landing at whatever time you arrive. 
5:00 Volunteers arrive to set up for meeting
5:30 Folks interested in taking the tour arrive
5:40 Carpool to tour locations
5:45 Quick viewing of 5 wind turbines at best vantage point T parking lot.
6:00 to 6:30 Tour of Transfer Station's new state of the art recycling facilities
6:30 to 6:50 Tour of Mary's Sustainable Green houses
7:00 to 7:30 Pot Luck and open the meeting
Meeting topics:
1. Get the word out about Vote Yes on 2, the Updated Bottle Bill, for Nov. 4—See attached Bottle Bill facts to share with people, thanks to Jim Savicki of Duxbury
2. Working with schools/preparing for a winter meeting with adults and students from school environmental initiatives. Rick Swanson, Hingham High assistant principal, who leads an enthusiastic student Green Team, will be with us.
3. Progress on “sustainable living” articles in local newspapers/cable TV
4. Tax Carbon-Pay People campaign.  End with some cleanup volunteers.
Gene’s note: It sounds like a lot but everything is right next to each other. I like to think of it as our Sustainability Alchemy Zone.

IMPORTANT! Please participate in this business journal poll and cast your vote for expanding the Bottle Bill. Let’s get the water and sports drink bottles out of our neighborhoods, parks and beaches, and into the recycling stream.

http://www.bizjournals.com/boston/pulse/poll/time-to-expand-the-bottle-bill/15667791 Thanks to Paul Lauenstein of Sharon for the link. Pass it along!

Check out our new Sustainable South Shore Facebook Find photos of our trip to the People’s Climate March and a great source of up-to-date info.

Co-Presidents: Ben Cowie-Haskell  cowhaskie@aol.com,  Judeth Van Hamm one@hullportside.net   Secretary: Janis Owens Treasurer: Sharon St.Ours

Add your e-address to Judeth's SSSh e-list: one@hullportside.net 
For Website updates and Climate Change e-list: nancy@sustainablesouthshore.org

Summer Meeting: was held on Wed., 8/27/14 at South Shore Organics, 965 Washington St., Hanover, MA  Thank you to Todd Breitenstein of Scituate for arranging this meeting place. Topics presented: Sustainable gardening ideas by Todd Breitenstein of Scituate, who manages South Shore Organics greenhouse and microfarm. How to construct a sustainable garden. Discussion of how we can make local food available in our communities. Pilgrim Coalition presentation by Mary Lampert of Duxbury and Anna Baker of Marshfield  who are working with a group of concerned citizens and organizations dedicated to raising awareness of – and reducing – significant risks to public safety, health and our environment from the continued operation of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, located in Plymouth. http://www.pilgrimcoalition.org/ Another Topic: How we can use media (newspaper, cable, website), including 1) creating an effective message and 2) getting the message out. Dan and Marilyn Brielmann of Brockton  - http://www.e-awakening.com/www.e-awakening.com/Home.html. Plus other topics discussed.

If you are just starting to network with other people in your community or are regrouping, let us know whom you have found to work with. The goal is to have at least two or three people working together in each South Shore community. Judeth is happy to help you connect with people in your community. Contact Judeth @ 781-925-5665 or one@hullportside.net.

2014 SSSh Campaign: 
To Help Make "Sustainable Living" a Household Word


Click on Sustainable South Shore Chapters (at top left) for Sustainable South Shore Town Links, updated 8/2014.  Then Click on each Sustainable Town Chapter's websites to learn about what projects each sustainable Town is working on and what each Town has accomplished. Contact Nancy Kramer at nancy@sustainablesouthshore.org with any changes/updates.  Use the information in your own Towns to help start your:  Solar and Wind projects; Community GardensDEP Idle Free Campaign (see link at left); Local Fisheries (SOSSEXI)Farmer's Markets and much more!!

Click on the Expo links for information on the annual 2004 - 2012 Sustainable Living Expos to get ideas about how to do a similar event in your own Towns or contact Nancy Kramer at nancy@sustainablesouthshore.org for more info.


Featured Websites (click on Links - at left - for more websites)

South Shore Seafood Exchange 2014 Season Begins May 30th

http:www.sossexi.org  Sign up now to reserve Fish Shares 

Solarize Mass - Solar for Your Home or Business

Mass Energy - Energy Efficiency
MA Green Communities

Global Warming Solutions from Union of Concerned Scientists:

Annual Winter SSSh Project:

The SSSh Thermal Imaging Camera, purchased a few years ago with Sustainable Living Expo proceeds, is  available for SSSh Town Chapter Leaders to borrow and use. To reserve and other details, email Judeth Van Hamm at one@hullportside.net 

Sustainable South Shore is a multi-town advocacy group (south of Boston, MA) committed to helping area residents conserve energy, protect the environment and live sustainable lives.  Sustainable South Shore was started in 2004 in Hull, MA and engages in: Creating a vision of a sustainable community; Research and analysis; Developing consensus through education, publicity, discussion, and events; Initiating, supporting, and implementing sustainable projects, including sustainable air, water, energy, and bio-system projects; Endeavoring to practice principles of global sustainability in our own lives.  We seek common ground, helping people feel deeply connected to Earth, knitting together individuals, families, groups and institutions, and creating the emotional and spiritual support of true human community to achieve sustainability.

was held on Saturday, October 6, 2012 
at the Marshfield, MA Fairgrounds 
Future South Shore Celebrations:  TBA
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