Sustainable South Shore 

Sustainable South Shore is a multi-town advocacy group (south of Boston, MA (USA) committed to helping area residents conserve energy, protect the environment and live sustainable lives. 

2016 Co-Presidents: Ben Cowie-Haskell, cowhaskie@aol.com; 
Judeth Van Hamm, one@hullportside.net; 
Secretary: Janis Owens Treasurer: Sharon St.Ours

March 5, 2 p.m. Hingham. The current disruption taking place in the world has greatly affected the climate-change movement in the most constructive way: many more people are flocking to it, looking for ways to slow global warming. To help fill that need, 350MASS South Shore will hold a climate forum on March 5, 2 p,m., in the Conference Center at Glastonbury Abbey, 16 Hull St., Hingham.

This event will be an opportunity for South Shore residents to hear from Marc Breslow, a climate expert who has created environmental legislation for the state, and from Senator Pat O’Connor and Representative Joan Meschino, who will talk about their takes on new climate bills that have just been filed. A free-ranging discussion will follow about what has been learned In this forum and what folks can do in their own towns to help eliminate the most dangerous threat facing every species on earth.
(Refreshments will be available and admission is free. For more information, visit connieg1233@verizon.net)    

March 5, 2017 - MCAN / Toxics Action 30th Anniversary Environmental Conference at Northeastern University, Boston, MA. 
Kandi Mossett and Lois Gibbs, will be giving keynote addresses at the 30th annual Local Environmental Action conference, coming up on Sunday, March 5th in Boston at Northeastern University.   
Many of you have likely come to know Kandi as a powerful Indigenous leader and environmental justice hero on the frontlines of the fight to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. A member of the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation, Kandi is the Indigenous Environmental Network's Extreme Energy & Just Transition Campaign Coordinator, leading the fight to raise awareness about the environmentally & socially devastating effects of hydraulic fracturing on tribal lands. We're so honored to have her joining us to share lessons from NoDAPL and her international and national climate advocacy work.

Register today to join these movement heroes at Local Environmental Action 2017 in Boston! 


Mass Energy Electric vehicle discount program, Drive Green with Mass Energy. The program went live on 11/2/16, and the discounts are available now.  The Drive Green with Mass Energy webpage has all the program details: www.massenergy.org/drivegreen  Deadline extended to June 30th, 2017.


The last Sustainable South Shore meeting was held on June 14, 2016 in Pembroke. Thank you to Doc Iacobucci for hosting. We discussed what we are doing in our communities. A Newsletter will be produced as soon as Towns send in Information to Judeth at one@hullportside.net .                 


Check out the SSSh Town Chapters Links (at left).  
Learn what each SSSh Town is working on and has accomplished. Use the info. to help start projects in your own Towns. Solar and Wind projectsCommunity GardensDEP Idle Free Campaign (see link at left); Local Fisheries (SOSSEXI)Farmer's Markets, Expos and much more!!  Contact Nancy Kramer at nancy@sustainablesouthshore.org with any Town Chapter changes or updates. 
Find photos of our trip to the People’s Climate March Fall of 2014 and a great source of climate change info. (Gene Wyatt, Kingston volunteer)


Please Note: Current Climate Change daily and monthly e-news information from various sources will not be forwarded as in the past few years. To sign up your own e-mail address to Climate Change e-News - Click on the websites below and sign up!

Better Future: www.350mass.betterfutureproject.org ~ Clean Technica: www.cleantechnica.com ~ Clean Technica Wind: www.cleantechnica.com/world-wind-power ~ Commonwealth Magazine: www.massinc.com ; www.commonwealthmagazine.org ~ Earth 911: www.earth911.com ~ EcoWatch: www.ecowatch.com ~ Energy Resilience: www.resilience.org ~ Environment Massachusetts:  http://www.environmentmassachusetts.org/home  ~ Green Energy Times: www.greenenergytimes.net ; http://geoharvey.wordpress.com  The Green Life Weekly: www.sierraclub.org ~  Mass Audubon Beacon Hill Roundup: www.massaudubon.org  ~ Mother Jones Econundrums: www.motherjones.com  ~  Planet Save: www.planetsave.com ~ Think Progress: https://thinkprogress.org/  ~ Union of Concerned Scientists www.ucsusa.org ~ Vote Solar: www.votesolar.org  and more to be added! Send in suggestions!

For SSSh Web Site Additions, Updates and Suggestions or to volunteer to help update the SSSh website email  nancy@sustainablesouthshore.org .


SSSh Current GOALS: 1. Connecting school green teams.  2. Climate strategy on the South Shore. Making the big picture local. 3. Making “sustainable living” a household phrase in your community.

1. School Environmental Clubs Goal: Work with schools to help create a network of school staff, students and communities to inspire each other. Please reach out to the high schools in your community to find school staff who advise environmental clubs and/or work with students on recycling or other environmental issues.  E-mail Judeth Van Hamm at one@hullportside.net with names and contact info. for the schools you find that are interested.

2. NEW Sustainable South Shore Towns: If you are just starting to network with other people in your community or are regrouping, let us know whom you have found to work with. The goal is to have at least two or three people working together in each S. Shore community. Judeth will help you connect with people in your community. Contact Judeth Van Hamm at: one@hullportside.net 

3. Make "Sustainable Living" a Household Word  Add your e-address to Judeth's SSSh e-list: one@hullportside.net .


Other Featured Websites (click on Links - at left - for more websites) 

To add more websites (or delete old ones), contact nancy@sustainablesouthshore.org 

South Shore Seafood Exchange: 2016 Season http:www.sossexi.org  Sign up now to reserve Fish Shares 

Solarize Mass: Solar for Your Home or Business

GreenCommunities: http://www.mass.gov/eea/docs/doer/green-communities/grant-program/map-summary-green-communities.pdf .
edible South Shore www.ediblesouthshore.com 
Go Green Web Directory  www.gogreenwebdirectory.com 


Some Past Projects and Meetings:

Winter 2016 Meeting, 2/29/16: at Hingham High School. Thank you to Hingham High Vice Principal Rick Swanson for hosting and to Hull High science teacher Sheila Blair for helping. A Tour of the greenhouse, recycling and compost operations began the Meeting. Other Schools were invited to participate.

Summer 2015 Meeting, 8/24/15: Thank you to Mary O'Donnell and everyone involved with the Meeting at Greenway Farm, Kingston, MA. For more information see: www.greenway-farm.com and www.nofossilfuel.com .

Annual Winter SSSh Project: The SSSh Thermal Imaging Camera, purchased a few years ago with Sustainable Living Expo (Hull) proceeds, is available for SSSh Town Chapter Leaders to borrow and use. To reserve/ details, email Judeth Van Hamm at one@hullportside.net . 

Click on the Expo links (at left) for info. on the past annual 2004 - 2012 Sustainable Living Expos, held in Hull, MA to get ideas about how to plan and organize a similar event in your own Towns or contact Organizer, Nancy Kramer at nancy@sustainablesouthshore.org for more info.

Sustainable South Shore is a multi-town advocacy group (south of Boston, MA) committed to helping area residents conserve energy, protect the environment and live sustainable lives.  
Sustainable South Shore was started in 2004 in Hull, MA and engages in: > Creating a vision of a sustainable-community; Research and analysis; 
> Developing consensus through education, publicity, discussion, and events; 
Initiating, supporting, and implementing sustainable projects, including sustainable air, water, energy, and bio-system projects; 
> Endeavoring to practice principles of global sustainability in our own lives.  We seek common ground, helping people feel deeply connected to Earth, knitting together individuals, families, groups and institutions, and creating the emotional and spiritual support of true human community to achieve sustainability.


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